Muay Thai

Muay Thai, also known as, ‘the art of 8 Limbs,’ is a variation of kickboxing that originated in Thailand, and has progressed in popularity to the point that it is the country’s national sport. Muay Thai is highly intense and an aggressive self-defence method, and due to its focus on toughening up all of the body’s limbs, as well as being both fast and powerful when in combat, professional Muay Thai fighters are considered extremely tough in all areas of self-defence.

Training & Overview

The exercises that Muay Thai utilises are broken down into several distinct categories: Resistance exercises, Speed drills, power drills, and drills focusing on form and technique. Deficiencies in one area will limit the amount of progress that can be made in others – but combined; Muay Thai practitioners will experience full-body progress and improvements to speed, power and raw strength. Muay Thai practitioners see their limbs as tools that must be honed and conditioned, like a blade. This means that drills are employed to toughen up the limbs, such as the elbows and shins, to increase durability but to also be more impactful when attacking. Muay Thai and its related drills and exercises emphasise speed, but also power and accuracy. The use of strikes, pivots, defensive moves and constant clinching and grappling will all help to develop the core, and create a real foundation of strength that can be utilised for projecting forceful strikes, but also for everyday benefits such as correcting posture and improving breathing.

Health Benefits

Many drills focus on speed and repetition, and these drills are perfect for boosting cardiovascular fitness quickly, meaning that those who practice Muay Thai regularly enjoy significant boosts to their endurance and durability. Muay Thai also gives the body significant improvements when it comes to flexibility – Muay Thai helps to make the muscles supple and long, and the joints smoother and more pain-free. From stretching to squats and kicks, one can enjoy real improvements to their flexibility when practicing Muay Thai. The improvements to hip mobility that Muay Thai can provide are also quite impressive – healthy and mobile hips can prevent a list of conditions later-in-life affecting the back and legs, as well as making every day movements such as bending and running significantly easier. There are significant mental benefits that Muay Thai can offer – Muay Thai is an excellent stress release, and can help practitioners with relaxing and working out anger and aggression in a manner that is not only healthy but also controlled.

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