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Why are we a good fit for you?

Our team of martial arts experts and trainers at Toe2Toe are true professionals when it comes to all things martial arts, and pride themselves on providing many years of knowledge and experience to clients of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels.
Toe2Toe is a friendly, inclusive environment that everyone is welcome to anyone wishing to work out, exercise and have fun!

At Toe2Toe, we provide a mix of classes, incorporating many different martial arts styles and techniques that you won’t find at any other gym – so no matter if you’re looking for a fun, dynamic weight loss class, or a hard, brutal and physically challenging class designed for professionals, we have you covered. You will never feel out of place at Toe2Toe – we have classes for everyone, from children through to seasoned professionals!

Simply put, when it comes to martial arts, Toe2Toe has it all – regardless of who you are, what you want to do and what your goals are, Toe2Toe is the perfect place for you.



“I have introduced my two boys aged 5/9 to this awesome gym.The instructors Paul & Kareem are down to earth and approachable. My boys enjoy the physical training and that’s a plus being very active young lads...... so what are you waiting for”


“The group fitness classes are amazing, it’s such a great environment to work out in and get fit! I was embarrassed at the start as I was a newcomer, but everyone is so welcoming and friendly, and I’ve seen such great results!”


“Been training with Toe2Toe nearly 4 years now Karim is an awesome coach who doesn't stifle your style , he encourages growth i also do Ninjutsu for some 22 years now and these guys have helped sharpen my skills . An excellent family atmosphere i recommend this place highly”
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MMA is the use of a variety of martial arts techniques that includes punches, kicks, joint-locks, chokes, takedowns and throws, used to achieve dominance over an opponent by utilizing three general tactics: striking, finishing holds, and control. MMA traces its’ roots to the early 1990s, when there were two fight styles tha stood out for their effectiveness: Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Jiu-Jitsu had the early advantage, since wrestlers were not equipped with a way to defeat them standing. However, when wrestlers started training in striking, pure Jiu-Jitsu stylists ran into difficulties since they had a hard time taking the fight to the ground and away from their stand-up weaknesses. Thus, competitors began their first steps towards ‘cross-training,’ and MMA was born.

Judo is the world-famous martial art that was born in Japan, established in 1882 through the combination of jujitsu with mental discipline and control. May styles of jujitsu itself were created by the Samurai as a way of fighting at close quarters, but after the fall of the Samurai the best parts of each style were taken and distilled into one fighting style by the founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano. When Kano travelled to Europe to promote Judo, he was insulted by a foreigner – and perfectly illustrating the physical effectiveness of Judo with the mental discipline required, Kano threw the man to the floor whilst also placing a hand underneath his head at the same time, so as to prevent injury. To this day, Judo combines practical fighting techniques with thoughtfulness for the opponent.

Giving our kids the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life is the most important gift we can give them. Schools improve their educational development – but what about improving their physical, emotional and mental development? Martial arts is an excellent way to improve these essential skills, and at Toe2Toe we pride ourselves on providing classes for kids and beginners that give them these skills, all within a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.

Muay Thai, also known as, ‘the art of 8 Limbs,’ is a variation of kickboxing that originated in Thailand, and has progressed in popularity to the point that it is the country’s national sport. Muay Thai is highly intense and considered an aggressive self-defence method, Muay Thai practitioners see their limbs as tools that must be honed and conditioned, like a blade. This means that drills are employed to toughen up the limbs, such as the elbows and shins, to increase durability but also be more impactful when attacking. Muay Thai and its related drills and exercises emphasise speed, but also power and accuracy, and thus professional Muay Thai fighters are considered extremely tough in all areas of self-defence.

HIT Classes use martial arts techniques as well as a combination of dynamic and high energy exercises to crank up your body’s internal furnace and really torch that unwanted fat! HIT Classes are for everybody – if you want to blast your fat, see your fitness levels shoot through the roof and have an amazing time while you’re doing it, then this is definitely for you!

Our HIT Classes are short, sharp and sweet – we will get your body in that perfect zone for burning fat and gaining muscle, without long arduous workouts or complicated routines. HIT Classes are fun, dynamic and a great way to get fit! If you want to see real gains to your total-body fitness and have a great time while you’re doing it, then come and check it out!!!

Wing Chun is one of the youngest styles of Kung Fu, having been constantly refined and adapted over its short 300 years of existence.
Considered to be one of the three great martial art styles of Southern China, it was designed to be a more effective fighting method which did not rely on brute strength. The story goes that Wig Chun was founded by Ng Mui, a Buddhist nun during the Qing dynasty, who witnessed a fight between a stork and a rodent. The stork used both its wings and legs to attack the rodent and defend from its attacks at the same time, which inspired the Buddhist nun to envisage a new fighting style. Ng Mui then named this fighting style Wing Chun, in honour of one of her students who used the fighting style to repel the advances from unwanted male attention.

We are welcoming to all, from beginner to advanced From age 5 onwards

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