HIT Classes use martial arts techniques and high energy exercises to crank up your body’s internal furnace and torch unwanted fat! If you want your fitness levels to shoot through the roof and to have an amazing time along the way, then HIT is definitely for you! HIT is fun, dynamic way to get fit! If you want to see real gains to your total-body fitness and have a great time while you’re doing it, then come and check it out!!!

Shred your unwanted fat!

Who doesn’t want a workout that’s more efficient? How about trying a workout that’s short and sharp, but also burns the maximum amount of calories too? HIT burns 25% to 30% more calories than resistance training, cycling and treadmill running, due to the explosive speed and high intensity with which HIT training is performed. Lots of people don’t want to spend long hours each day in a gym, or simply don’t have the time to do so, but with HIT Classes, you don’t have to. When your body is doing moderate or steady exercise, it is easier for your body to keep up with what you are expecting it to do. With HIT, the demands on your body continually increase – and that means an increased calorie burn so that your body can keep up. Once HIT is finished, your body is in a heightened fat-burning state, which means that for hours after your workout, your body will be utilising fat stores and burning them away.

The Benefits are Huge!

The additional health benefits for HIT don’t just start and stop with burning away fat – HIT helps strengthen your body’s muscles, but also your heart. High intensity workouts make your heart work harder, and boost your cardiovascular strength in the long term. HIT can also help regulate your blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels are regulated through diet and exercise, and when these levels get too high, the body produces insulin to lower it. Over time, the body develop a resistance to insulin, which can lead to issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease. HIT lowers insulin resistance in the body, meaning that the chances of contracting these health issues will also drop as well. Not only that, high-intensity exercise rapidly boosts the dopamine and serotonin levels in your body – naturally occurring chemicals that lift your mood and make you feel on top of the world! The benefits of HIT are not just while you’re working out – HIT will improve your entire life!

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