About us

At Toe2Toe, we care about the strength, wellbeing and happiness of our members. We are passionate about giving everybody the ability and skills they need to achieve their goals – no matter what they are!
At Toe2Toe, we provide martial arts classes for a variety of different disciplines and styles, of varying difficulties and levels starting from childhood and beginner levels through to High Intensity Interval and Weight Loss Classes, but also training for martial arts professionals and those training for competitions.

Who we are

Toe2Toe has instructors that are experts at teaching a variety of different martial arts and self-defence styles. For those wanting to learn Judo, Wing Chun, Muay Thai or MMA, or even those who simply want to learn different techniques while working out and losing weight, our instructors are experienced and ready to help you develop and grow strong! Our instructors are just like you: they are always seeking to become fitter and healthier and take themselves to new heights, which mean that they understand how you feel and what you want! For the person who wants to ‘get back into shape,’ to those who want to learn new skills and become a better person, everyone is welcome at Toe2Toe. Of course, at Toe2Toe we also pride ourselves on producing professionals who excel at martial arts and want to take their training to the next level – so no matter who you are or what your background is, you will find what you’re looking for with us!

What we can do for you

For anyone who feels like they want to be safer and secure in their lives, we are proud to provide self-defence and training classes to strengthen your body and mind, so that you’ll never feel vulnerable again. For those who want to see increases in their strength, size, speed and power, our classes and trainers can help you transform your body into the powerhouse that you’ve always wanted. For people who just want to feel fitter and healthier in themselves, we run fitness classes to raise your heartrate, boost your happiness levels and provide a full body work out that will excite and invigorate you! And for the parents that want their children to become healthy, confident adults, our beginner classes are perfectly suited to helping strengthen and train young minds to unlock their full potential.
No matter who you are, martial arts are for you. Anyone can do martial arts – we would love to help you on your own path to greatness and wellbeing!



“I have introduced my two boys aged 5/9 to this awesome gym.The instructors Paul & Kareem are down to earth and approachable. My boys enjoy the physical training and that’s a plus being very active young lads...... so what are you waiting for”


“The group fitness classes are amazing, it’s such a great environment to work out in and get fit! I was embarrassed at the start as I was a newcomer, but everyone is so welcoming and friendly, and I’ve seen such great results!”


“Been training with Toe2Toe nearly 4 years now Karim is an awesome coach who doesn't stifle your style , he encourages growth i also do Ninjutsu for some 22 years now and these guys have helped sharpen my skills . An excellent family atmosphere i recommend this place highly”

Our Pricing

$180 For 10 lesson block
Use anytime Within 6 months from purchase.
best offer
$100 Monthly membership Save $20 100 per person
$80 Kids membership
Inquire for more details 80 per child

Our Timetable

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