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Never hit a pad before? No problem.
Want to feel safer in your daily life? We can help.
Want your kids to have the skills they need to become strong, confident adults? We’re the answer.
No experience when it comes to training or martial arts? Don’t worry!

Our classes cater to everyone, no matter how old you are, how to fit you are or what your background is. Martial arts training can bring so many gifts and benefits into your life, and we don’t want anyone to miss out!

We focus on basic skills and training that anybody will be able to practice and master – from breathing and stability through to proper techniques and combinations, Toe2Toe is the perfect place to give you the foundations you’ll need to begin achieving your goals. Whether it's improving your confidence and making you feel safer, increasing your fitness levels or giving you peace of mind about your child’s welfare, we are here to make your goals a reality!

Ladies, listen up!

Martial arts is not just for men who want to hit pads – our classes are run specifically for you and your friends! There’s no better way to increase your fitness, develop your self-defense skills and crush those calories than with a group of girls who are just like you!

If you want to improve your fitness levels – everything from your strength and endurance through to your stability, core control, and balance, our classes will be perfect for you. If you’d like to give yourself the skills you can rely on in the real world, then we can help you with that too! Our classes combine high-intensity training with martial arts techniques and exercises that will improve your mind and body – and when you’re training with a group of girls like you who are all striving for the same goals, you’ll make friends and have a blast while you’re doing it!

Ensuring the safety of our kids is vital.

Every parent wants to know that their child has the skills they need to succeed in life and be strong, confident adults! No one ever want to question their child’s safety – and martial arts is the perfect way to give your kids the foundations they can use to build happy, healthy lives!

Our Junior Classes are specially run to be friendly to kids of all ages and backgrounds. If your child is looking for a way to get fit, have fun and learn skills that will serve them well for their entire life, then checking out our fun Junior Classes is a must!

Your kids will learn martial arts techniques in a safe environment, and will receive training that will help them to focus their minds and bodies. It’s a great way for them to have fun, make new friends and become fitter and more confident in themselves!

For the competitor, the fighter, and the athlete inside of you – this is it.

Our Professionals Classes are a cut above the rest. You want to see gains to your strength, power, speed and endurance, and this is the place you’ll get it.

Our classes will test your limits and push your body and mind to new heights. If you want to take your martial arts training to the next level and to really push forwards in your journey towards greatness, we want you in our Professionals Classes. We offer a variety of disciplines and training styles that will complement your previous training and experience – or if you’re looking at expanding your knowledge and abilities, we can provide methods of training that will thoroughly challenge you!

Want to be your best? There’s no better place to do it. Come and test your worth in our Professionals Classes – see what you’re really made of!

It’s what you’ve been waiting for!!
Our HIT Classes (High Intensity Interval Training) are the perfect way to burn fat, increase muscle and make you feel like you’re a true champion!
HIT Classes use martial arts techniques as well as a combination of dynamic and high energy exercises to crank up your body’s internal furnace and really torch that unwanted fat! HIT Classes are for everybody – if you want to blast your fat, see your fitness levels shoot through the roof and have an amazing time while you’re doing it, then this is definitely for you!

Our HIT Classes are short, sharp and sweet – we will get your body in that perfect zone for burning fat and gaining muscle, without long arduous workouts or complicated routines. HIT Classes are fun, dynamic and a great way to get fit! If you want to see real gains to your total-body fitness and have a great time while you’re doing it, then come and check it out!!!

From beginners to advanced training, our classes start From age 5 onwards
Judo Judo

About us

At Toe2Toe, we care about the strength, wellbeing and happiness of our members. We don’t just train athletes (although we do that too) but we are passionate about giving everybody the ability and skills they need to achieve their goals – no matter what they are!

For anyone who has ever felt like they want to be safer and feel more secure in their lives, we are proud to provide self defence and training classes to strengthen your body and mind, so that you’ll never feel vulnerable again. For those who want to see increases in their strength, size, speed and power, our classes and trainers can assist you into transforming your body into the powerhouse that you’ve always wanted. For people who just want to feel fitter and healthier in themselves, we run fitness classes to raise your heartrate, boost your happiness levels and give you a full body work out that will leave you feeling invigorated and on top of the world! And for the parents that want their children to become strong, healthy, confident adults, our beginner classes are perfectly suited to helping strengthen and train young minds to unlock their full potential.

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your body and mind, then martial arts are for you. Anyone can do martials arts – we would love to see you and help you on your own path to greatness and wellbeing!


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